Posted Nov 12, 2006 by kk

"Made in Vancouver' Photoshoot with Kim Cathers of Discollection

MadeInVan Made In Vancouver Made in Vancouver Thanks to everyone who collaborated with me on the recent 'Made in Vancouver' photoshoot... especially models Margaret Torgeson and Jessie Harris. Also special thanks to the styling team of Shai from Prepwork, Kim Cathers from Discollection and Jesse from ModelMayhem. Check out some of Static's other fashion photography in our portfolio.

Posted Oct 22, 2005 by kk

Sam Sullivan Photo Used for the Cover of the Terminal City News

Sam Sullivan Sam Sullivan My friend Ian King called me up this week and asked if I could drop everything and come take a photo of someone he was interviewing for the Terminal City News. Turns out the interview was with Sam Sullivan who is running for mayor in Vancouver. I took my Canon 20d but forgot my memory card so I decided to shoot expired slide film instead and to cross-process it. It actually made me happy that I had forgotten the flash card so that I had a good excuse to go analog and shoot something that I feel is a little more distinctively my style right now. A couple of the shots turned out and Ian ended up using this one for the cover. I think it would be fun to do more quick lil projects like this.