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Northern Voice 2006 - PhotoCamp

I blogged awhile back about Northern Voice and how I'll be speaking on one of the panels during the saturday session.

I just wanted to get some info out there about the friday part of Northern Voice and how it'll work. Friday is called MooseCamp and the idea behind it is that it'll be a self-organized day, "for the people, by the people." You can give a presentation, lead a discussion or just attend.

Vancouver Photo Walk w/ HundredNorthKris and I have been talking about having a PhotoCamp on this day. We're throwing around ideas about what we can do, things we can talk about and taking suggestions on what you'd like to hear or areas of photography that you're interested in.

So far some of the ideas are to do a photowalk as a group, have a photo contest of the best pictures from the conference, talk about both Canon and Nikon DSLR's, offer info on analog cams, picture storage solutions, RAW workflow, digital enhancement tools....the list goes on.

If you have any ideas, would like to participate, be a part of it either in a teaching/contributor way or just attend, let us know over at the PhotoCamp wiki

We'd love to have a bunch of people out and make this a group effort - local photographers, vandigicammers and photobloggers alike!

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Vancouver Photography Blogs and Photoblogs

There are a ton of great, local photobloggers out there so I thought I'd share with you some of the ones that I'm aware of. If you know others that are worth reading or looking at, please leave a link in the comments. I love finding new resources!

My list...

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BoB Awards - Best of Blogs 2005

static was nominated for the Best of Blog awards 2005. We appreciate the nomination by the editor of smudge magazine, CJ Thiessen, whom we did a shoot for a few months ago.

We were honoured to be selected as one of 10 finalists out of over 80 nominations in the poetry/photo/art category. Now is the final voting time and part of the process is a popular vote by the people who are actually reading the different blogs.

So....if you read static, if you like it, if it's helpful to you, if you know Kris and I, or if this is your first time here and just feel like checking the box by our name, you can do so by clicking this link.

Our category, again, is poetry/photo/art. We're about halfway down the page.

Thanks for your support. Thanks for reading. And thanks in advance for voting for us.
*cue awards ceremony music* We couldn't have done it without you. Yes YOU! Our fabulous readers!

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Save Finn Slough

Save Finn Slough
Photo by: Kris Krug
Shot With: Canon A2
Film: Provia 400 E6 (slide film)
Other: This shot was cross-processed. Read more about cross-processing here at Static Photography or over at

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Photography in Cold Weather Conditions

I read an interesting article today in Photo Life Magazine talking about winter photography and the many opportunities that are around us in this season.
We're very fortuante to have distinct seasons in Canada and snow covered trees or frozen lakes can make awesome shots.

One thing the article mentioned that I had never really thought about previously was how to take care of your camera in extremely cold conditions. I realize it doesn't get THAT cold here in Vancouver but there are many other places across our great country where it does and precautions need to be taken with your equipment.

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Adobe Lightroom

I read last week in the Apple Insider News that Adobe would not be standing idle but stand up to the call of competion and take on Apple's Aperture program. The new program has now been announced and is being called Project: Lightroom and adobe is offering a free beta version of it to mac OSX users.

A few things about Lightroom:

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Tips for Photographing Children

Let's face it, most kids really couldn't care less about having their picture taken. Chances are they'd rather be playing something way more fun than "camera studio" or whatever other kind of nonsense we feed them to get them to actually be within the frame of our camera.
I've learned through much trial and error that there are certain things you will just not convince a child of by explaining that "mommy wants a good picture of you" or "grandma and grandpa are going to have this hanging on their wall". Child photography is mostly about being quick and secondly about playing the psychology game with kids to make it fun for them and not a chore.

Some things that (usually) work for me...

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Photoblog or blog about photography?

There seems to be 2 different categories of photography related blogs. One is the style I've adopted here in which I write about things photography related and the other is simply photos uploaded in a blog space, a sort of pictoral directory of things going on in one's life rather than words describing that.

I've decided to integrate the second type of photoblog into this site in the hopes of making it a bit more well-rounded in the photography world. I've also long been a fan of people who document their life by uploading a photo a day but as that seems a bit ambitious of a starting point I'm going to aim for one per week.

The idea is to show you some of the things we're working on, new techniques we're trying or just pictures we love, be it ours or someone else's. We hope you like them too!

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New Years Resolutions for Photographers

I came accross a great list of New Year's Resolutions for photographers by Bob Johnson over at one of my favorite photography blogs, Earthbound Light. Check out the list, I'm definately going to be trying to work some of these into my 2006.

  • Actually read the manual for your camera.
  • Learn to use the lenses you already have rather than buying more.
  • Buy a new lens.
  • Take a photography class or workshop.
  • Take a Photoshop class.
  • Join a photo club.
  • Use your tripod more often.
  • Learn to spot meter and use manual exposure.
  • Shoot things in both horizontal and vertical.
  • Convert to digital.
  • Start shooting raw instead of jpeg.

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static represents @ Northern Voice 2006

As is obvious by the date etched into my first real blog post on this site (July 11, 2005) I'm relatively new to this whole online world and blogging thing. In fact, approximately 6 days, 17 hours and 43 minutes before that first blog post on July 11, 2005 I can be quoted as saying, "I will never in my life have a blog."

ahem. Yes, I've come a long way.

So far have I come that I've been asked (and agreed) to speak at Northern Voice 2006. Northern Voice is a community-based blogging and personal publishing conference here in Vancouver. The idea and goals behind it are to learn more about social, cultural and technological aspects of blogging, to exchange ideas about improving our weblogs, to network, make new friends, influence people and a whole bunch more.

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A New Year in Photography

It's official - 2006 is here! I've never been one to fully subscribe to the whole New Year thing. Obviously there are things like needing a new calendar and remembering to write a new year when making out cheques that are essential but as far as life altering changes coming about by the clock hitting 12 on one day of the year....well, I just don't buy it. I do believe that we need to constantly be reevaluating things in our lives, be aware of our intentions, try new things and stick with old things that are working well for us. If it takes ringing in a New Year to assess these, so be it but if we can do it all year long, at any time of the day, so much the better!

One thing the New Year does do for me is take me back into a reflection of the last year and I was excited when I actually thought of all the new things I had done photographically. I forayed into new areas like shooting expired film and cross-processing. I held onto things that I love like black and white film, especially. I began to carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go and have learned that incredible photo ops are all around us and often come about in times where we wouldn't normally think to have our camera along.

However, as with most things people are passionate about, there are still so many things that I want to try. Whether I'll accomplish all of them in 2006 is questionable but if I get even a few of them conquered it will prove a productive year photographically. Feel free to adopt any of these as your own if you're looking for new things to shoot this year.

Here's my list:

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However you want to say it...

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday, the Season's Best and a snap-happy New Year!

Peace, Joy and Love,

Kris and the Krug family

Rhonda and the Fast fam.

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Online Rights Canada: Bill C-60 and what it means for photographers

If you've been following my blog you'll have noticed a lot of posts lately about the rights of photographers, copyrights and online rights. I found a site this morning through Michael Geist's blog (Mr. Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa) that is promoting the public's interest in technology and information policy. The site is called Online Rights Canada and it is a grassroots organization that believes Canadians should have a voice in copyright law, access to information, freedom from censorship and other issues we face in the online world. Their site just launched this past friday so I'm looking forward to updates on policies that involve both photographers and copyrights in photography.

So far this is what they have in that realm.

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Perspective - Don't be afraid to get down

There's a tendency, in photography, to shoot things from whatever height you naturally are because:

a) you were made that way so how can it be wrong
b) lying down on the dirty ground isn't really your thing
c) it's simple

Thing is, often shots taken from normal eye level are, well.....boring. It's how we all see things so why would we want to stare at a pictue of the world in the way we see it day in and day out. It's far more interesting, magical even, to look at a shot that shows a new way of looking at the ordinary things in the world around us and that, my friends, is what we call perspective. (and an illusion photographers use to create quality compositions as you'll see by what it does to the boring ol' hallway below)

Perspective is the way in which objects appear to the eye based on their spatial attributes, or their dimensions or the position of the eye relative to the objects. So the idea in a perspective shot is to change that from what viewers are "use to" seeing.

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Gettin' Things Done!

I did it! I finally completed one of the goals on my 43 Things list by exhibiting my photography. Keep in mind I don't use that list in quite the hardcore way that I know some people do. My list is more a compilation of things I'd like to do rather than a must-do-and-will-take-any-measures-to-get-there type of way. But exhibiting my photography was on that list, nonetheless.

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Photography Books for your Coffee Table

This post was prompted by my little shopping excursion down 4th ave. in Vancouver yesterday. It was quite ridiculous to see the amount of people rushing about obviously searching for Christmas presents. (I'm happy to report I'm done my shopping! oh yeah!!)

I passed Duthie Books and saw it crowded with people which made me very happy. I use to frequent Duthie all the time when I lived in that neighbourhood and at best there would be 4 or 5 people mingling through, but in this holiday season people were doing some serious shopping for books.

One of the things I love to get as a gift is coffee table books. I like having new things for my guests to flip through when they visit my home and I do the same at other people's places. This made me think, what better christmas gift to get someone than a book of great photography! So if you're looking for some last minute gifts for people, here are some of my faves as well as some of the best books of the year as suggested by American Photo Mag. And take note, it's not only photographer geeks who appreciate these books, the photos cover everything from musicians, to nature, to family name it! There's likely a good photo coffee table book out there for everyone.

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Online Rights: Are You Allowed to Link to Me?

I've just recently been introduced to the world of Technorati which, in short, is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what's going on in the blogosphere. Technorati also makes it possible for you to find out what people on the Internet are saying about you, your company, your products, your competitors, etc.

I've signed up and put a few different things into my "watchlist". It lets me know when other blogs mention things like, static photography or my name or when people have linked to pictures in my flickr photostream.

Of course it was exciting to see my name mentioned in a few different places and people talking about my company but as with many good things, this also came with a downfall. I found that certain photos of mine were linked to sites that I have no interest in being a part of and really don't want my name, or photos being associated with. I'm not going to link them here cause I don't think these sites need the traffic.

This got me to thinking about what my online rights are and I realized, unfortunately, that I have no idea. Are random sites allowed to link to my photos? What if the way that they are using my pics has the potential to be detrimental to the image of the people in the photos? Does the person in the photo have the right to protect their image?

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Family Picture Christmas Cards

What could be better than the holidays! Seriously, there are new, insanely priced beverages at your local barista just waiting to be discovered. (this year's fave is the eggnog chai latte...yummers!) There's sitting back with previously mentioned yumminess and watching all the panic-y people around you looking for that "perfect gift" when yours are all wrapped and ribboned under the tree. Ah yes, the holidays.

I think the list topper, one of my all-time favourite things, is all the extra mail that comes - reading letters from people filling me in on all the wonderful tropical locations they got to visit in the past year, seeing how many double's of christmas cards we get and most of all the family pictures!!!

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Why We Love JPG Magazine: Photography is Not a Crime

When I was in highschool the slogan we plastered on t-shirts, stickers, backpacks, you name it, was Skateboarding is Not a Crime. But of course no matter how much we flaunted that we were still always getting kicked out of parking lots, undergrounds and the like.

Now that I'm all growed up I thought I was done with that but it seems that there will always be something that someone in authority is telling us not to do and though my teenage years are a fading memory, being told I can't do something when in fact I can kinda makes me want to do it even more.

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Rhonda Fast's Photography Opening @ Wicked Cafe in Vancouver

Static Photography's Rhonda Fast is having a photography show at Wicked Cafe in Vancouver. Her show is part of a 12 month series we're running that features emerging Vancouver photographers and Rhonda is the 3rd artist to exhibit. Her show is titled "Strike".

Artist's Statement: "The idea behind minimalist art is that it lacks concept, focusing on geometric shape, monochromatic color palettes and anonymity of style. That's where the journey for "Strike" began. However, as will happen, it evolved, concept started to develop and location became of utmost importance. Strike is a new look at the commonplace; a twist on the mundane of an iconic pastime. An exploration in minimalism with concept."

The show will run for about a month and we'd love for you to join us at the opening on December 16th @ 7pm.

Wicked Cafe

7th & Hemlock Vancouver, BC