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Photo Retouching Services

Malloreigh - Retouch
Static Photography has recently begun collaborations with Seattle-based art director Alan Rowe , founder of AR Imageworks Photo Retouching Services Alan has reworked 25 or so of our images - airbrushing, color correcting, cropping, and various other high-end enhancements in preparation for his new site launch. We plan to partner with Alan for the post-production work on our fashion photography and portrait photography shoots.

Today he launched and the site features some really amazing Flash animations of the retouching process - step by step from beginning to end. He is definitely a master of his craft and the site is well work a look and will help you understand what takes place behind the scenes when prepping images for commerical use.

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Live Concert Photography with Iggy Pop & The Stooges @ SXSW 2007

Iggy Pop @ SXSW 2007 Iggy Pop @ SXSW 2007

One of the highlights of this years South by Southwest for us was shooting Iggy Pop live at Stubbs. Iggy is over 60 years old now but still rocks harder than almost anyone we've ever met. Dancing, jumping, screaming, crowd-surfing... the guy just doesn't stand still. Check out more shots of the Iggy Pop & the Stooges live show over at our Flickr account and be sure to get in touch with us if you'd like us to come shoot your band's show.

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Fashion Photography Reference from John Chow @ Arson

Arson Shoot

Much thanks and love to John Chow of Arson for this awesome fashion photography testimonial he gave us for this website...

“This is the first time that I have had an opportunity to work with Kris and I can honestly say that I was blown away. Kris understood what we were looking for. Working in a variety of locations of varying light and context he took it to the next level. His photos definitely captured the edginess and mood of our line. What we got were well balanced emotionally charged photos that resonated not only the personalities of our models but a flare and cockiness that was overtly pretentious. Exactly what we were looking for.

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Photographing Bands at South by Southwest

The Pipettes @ SXSW 2007 Mando Diao @ SXSW 2007

(Note: this blogpost is in-progress... system malfunctioning... links and stuff coming soon.) We went to SXSW again this year to shoot as many musicians and concerts as possible. This time around we spent a little bit of time doing some pre-planning so that in addition to live concert shots of some of the best indie bands around, we could also schedule several bookings for editorial shoots with bands.

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Arson Snowboards Holiday Catalog Photoshoot

Arson Shoot

Games! Fun! Prizes! Last week we teamed up with Arson to shoot their holiday 2007 print catalog to be distributed at retailers worldwide. We did the shoot at Commodore Billiards on Granville street in Vancouver which is an awesome location that I hope to use again. We shot in and around the bowling alley lanes, the pool tables, some video games, and an awesome retro bathroom.

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Working with Other Vancouver Fashion Photographers

X-Boxing w/ Trevor Brady

We've really been learning a ton about flashes, strobes and studio lighting for fashion photography in the past year and one of the main avenues for my education has been assisting other working photographers on their creative projects.

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Bloc Party Photos at SXSW 2007: Band and Music Photography

Bloc Party @ SXSW 2007 Bloc Party Bloc Party

Other than fashion photography some of our favorite shoots are live concerts and bands. Static Photography was at South by Southwest (SXSW) again this year and had the chance to shoot over 30 bands including Bloc Party both live on stage as well as behind the scenes.

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Headshots and Portraits for Local Vancouver Actor Mark Huculak

Mark Huculak We recently had the chance to wander around Gastown and dowtown Vancouver with actor and musician Mark Huculak. He looks like Justin Timberlake and sounds like Akon and he was an absolute pleasure to hang-out with and shoot.

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Creativity and Collaboration: Fashion Photoshoot With Trevor Brady

Photoshoot w/ Trevor Brady

I recently assisted on a photoshoot with awesome Vancouver fashion photographer Trevor Brady. Trevor is an amazing guy with fingers in lots of different creative pies: from the web, to retail, to photography.

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Vancouver Photogeeks Unite - Blogs From Vancouver Photographers

Good Times

Early last year I posted a blog post called Vancouver Photography Blogs and Photoblogs and linked to a several of my favorite photography related blogs coming out of Vancouver. Since the time of that post I've come across several others and figured it was time to update the list with these additions:

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Who's Coming to PhotoCamp at Northern Voice?

PhotoCamp at Barcamp ShanghaiThis is a very exciting week for me as I prep with the rest of the organizing team for Northern Voice 2007 and MooseCamp.. I'm going to be leading a PhotoCamp as a part of the event and am wondering who else will be there?

Didja catch all that? I know it's a lot... here's a couple quick descriptions.

Northern Voice - Vancouver's 3rd annual personal publishing conference held out at UBC. Saturday, February 24th @ UBC.

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Natalie Pagnucco Works With Static Photography on a Fashion Editorial Shoot

Natalie Pagnucco Natalie Pagnucco Natalie Pagnucco We recently had the chance to do a fun fashion editorial photoshoot with Natalie Pagnucco. We used several impromtu Vancouver photoshoot locations including an alley along Water Street in Gastown, and Matthew Good's apartment.

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Photoshoot Tips for Models

Best Team of LifeI recently stumbled on this great list of photoshoot tips for models (or anyone who is having their portraits taken). Thanks to Vancouver editorial and people photographer Dawn Stenzel for the list! :)

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Screamo Photoshoot with Lenore Owens and Mitchell Bowman

Screamo Photoshoot Screamo Photoshoot Screamo Photoshoot Recently I had the chance to do a photoshoot with models Lenore Owens and Mitchell Bowman in Gastown that we ended up jokingly calling "Screamo".

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Vancouver Editorial and Fashion Photographers

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your work is to find some great sources of inspiration and then to try to emulate and learn from them. Recently I've been following the work and portfolios of several Vancouver fashion and editorial photographers and wanted to share a few of them with you.

Trevor Brady - Fashion and Corporate Photographer
Gregory Crow - Fashion, Editorial, and Advertising Photographer
Fiona Garden - Advertising, Music and Fashion Photographer
Evaan Kheraj - Vancouver Fashion Photographer
Syx Langemann - Vancouver Fashion and Glamour Photographer
Dexter Quinto - Beauty and Fashion Photographer

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Hardcore Superstar Photoshoot

Hardcore SuperstarOutrageous JoyHardcore Superstar Joseph Briante and Theresa James just started a boutique legal valet service in Vancouver called Hardcore Superstar and wanted to make a big splash.

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Nitobi Photoshoot

Captain Ajax My friend Andre Charland's (AKA Captain Ajax) company recently underwent a branding change.