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Gettin' Our Geek On At Microsoft TechDays 2009 in Toronto!

Microsoft Techdays 2009 - Toronto

Since the last time we were there, the Microsoft Tech Days conference has continued across Canada, all the way to Toronto. Following just a few weeks behind the Microsoft Tech Days Conference in Vancouver , the Toronto leg of the Microsoft Canadian Tour was September 28-29. Static Photography was present for the all action and to capture many lively and candid portraits of some of Microsoft Canada's employees.

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The Dalai Lama visits Vancouver for the Global Peace Summit

The Dalai Lama @ The Vancouver Peace Summit

Sometimes events come to Vancouver that are literally a once in a lifetime experience.  Static Photography had the amazing opportunity to document the Global Peace Summit that was organized by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education in Vancouver. This Summit included two full days of panel discussions with leaders from around the world. The panels varied from the idea of transformative world peace through personal peace to peaceful conflict resolution with compassion. Kris Krug was taking photos of all the world leaders panelists and Danielle Sipple was covering the event for the Dalai Lama Center's blog for the Vancouver Sun .

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Rock n' Roll Photography Show at the Fifth Gallery in Austin, TX

Pharrell  - N.E.R.D - SXSW 2008

As an artist it is always exciting when you are given the opportunity to showcase you are in a public format. Kris Krug from Static Photography was given this opportunity last week when he was asked to be part of a live concert photography art show titled Front Row at the Fifth Gallery in Austin, TX. The beautiful thing about Austin is that every year Kris attends the SXSW festival that happens there every spring. The tail end of the festival is filled with four days of nonstop live performances in venues all over the city of Austin. A large chunk of Kris' live concert photography is shot at the SXSW music festival every year.

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Portraits of Microsoft's Technology Evangelists @ Techdays 2009 Vancouver

Microsoft Techdays 2009 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Microsoft Tech Days was held in Vancouver, BC this past week as part of a cross-Canada tour that Microsoft curates every year. This two day conference was filled with multiple tracks that showcased sessions for developers and technologists that work with Microsoft software. There were six tracks held simultaneously with one bonus track that introduced bonus material for developing within a Windows operating system cell phone. Static Photography was on scene for the conference and Kris Krug had the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing people that helped create the sessions for Microsoft Tech Days Vancouver.

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Time to Click - TckTckTck's Photo of the Day Campaign

Cleaning the floor of a flooded hospital

Photo by Kena Betancur / EPA. Used with permission by Oxfam International . Gonaivez, Haiti.

In less than 100 days, over 180 nations will be meeting in Copenhagen to discuss international negotiations around the global community's carbon emissions. This is not an easy task in any means for this is the 15th time these nations have met and the past 14 times, have failed to come up with a common solution. Many initiatives have started up around this important conference to spread the word of the importance of COP15 conference negotiations. Static Photography has been working with the global initiative TckTckTck with their project called Time To Click to spread the word of climate change through the use of photos taken around the world.

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Photo Geeks Unite! Recap of Gnomedex 9.0: Human Circuitry

Robert Scoble - Photowalk Gnomedex 2009

Static Photography just returned to Vancouver from the 2009 Gnomedex conference that was held in Seattle, WA. Organized by Chris Pirillo from Lockergnome, Gnomedex is an annual technology geekfest that brings the brightest from the online world to talk about the advances that the internet is having on its surrounding world, online and offline.

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Arson 2010 Spring and Summer Lookbook Catalog Shoot at Kitsiliano Beach

Arson Spring 2010

Arson clothing is a rad international clothing company that specializes in outerwear for the athletic community. Their style ranges from surf clothing to snowboard clothing to all around comfortable summer clothing. Static Photography has had the opportunity to shoot the last ten catalogs for the international clothing company Arson. All of them have been really different and fun and showcases the clothing in fun, creative environments that reflect the style of the season.

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Blazed & Confused Tour in Vancouver: Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid & Mickey Avalon

Blazed and Confused


At Static Photography it is always exciting when we get the opportunity to shoot a live concert event. Usually a line-up includes one or two really awesome bands (unless it is the SXSW Music Festival !) but sometimes special events when stellar line-ups occur. Such was the Blazed and Confused tour that just came through Vancouver. This prolific tour included the musical acts of Beardo , Mickey Avalon , Slightly Stoopid and Snoop Dogg . Each of these acts in a solo performance would have been amazing, so to have them all on stage for one night was truly a sight. Stephen Marley was on the original tour line-up but was unable to make the Vancouver stop. :(

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Returning to Camden, Maine to Photograph the World-Changers of Pop!Tech 2009: America Reimagined

Pop!Tech 2008

For the last two years Kris Krug has had the opportunity to be the official photographer of Pop!Tech , a 4 day fall conference that happens in Camden, ME. Over the past two years he has shot dozens of speakers while they were presenting on a wide range of topics, including inner-city violence , the fate of the oceans , musical possibility , linguistic theory and emotional robot technology . From musicians to leaders to the change makers of the present world, Pop!Tech has hosted them and Kris has photographed them.

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Summer Update: Travel, People, Portraits, Bands, Fashion Shows, Art & Watermelons!

Watermelons for sale in Shanghai

So Static Photography has been very busy since we got back from Shanghai, China. We were in Shanghai for two weeks with a schedule booked very full! Kris was shooting photos for his book Chinameme Vol. 1 Shanghai which he is co-authoring with Christine Lu. While in China Kris also spoke at TEDxShanghai and attended BarcampShanghai , which he helped start back in 2006. We also attended Shanghai's and China's first ever Gay Pride Celebration , a Ghostface Killah concert that was promoted by Splitworks Production as well as a few other events. We met new friends, shots hundreds of photos and explored many parts of the 25 million person city, under the burgeoning heat of Shanghai's summer.

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Summer Internship At Static Photography Available

Wanted: 4 Week Summer Intern for Static Photography
Starting: Second week in July

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Best Photo Lab Ever! Thx To Specialty Color Services for All Your Love & Support

Thank you Specialty Color Services!
We at Static Photography have been very grateful and happy to have had so many people and organizations supporting us along the way. One of our awesome overall supporters of our work and an active film sponsor is Specialty Color Services, a photo lab in Santa Barbara, California.

After an initial merger of two parent companies Specialty Photo Lab and Color Services in 2005, Specialty Color Services combined the specialty knowledge of their black and white film background and their expanding knowledge on the upcoming digital future to create a really powerful and innovative photography lab.

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Headin' Back to China to Photograph a Book About Shanghai

Shanghai Commute

Static Photography is heading to Shanghai , China next week to make photographs for a book we're working on with Christine Lu . The book will be a collage of the vibrant and alternative side of Shanghai's emerging new culture and will feature photography by Kris Krüg alongside the words of Christine and others. Published under Creative Commons license, the book titled ChinaMeme Vol. 1: Shanghai will be available online later year and the large hardcover print edition will be on hand in time for the World Expo Fair in Shanghai next year.

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Judy Inc. talent agency expands to the West Coast: announcing Kris Krug as a Location Scout

Kris Krüg - Location Scout - Judy Inc.Judy Inc. is a national Canadian talent rep agency specializing in the representation of all the amazing creative people who contribute to the behind the scenes of any creative project.

From fashion wardrobe stylists to hair and makeup artists , product styling and room setting , food styling and location scouting , Judy Inc.'s impressive 120 person talent roster speaks for itself.

Judy Inc.'s flagship Toronto office opened its doors on June 1st, 1999 with the hopes and goals of standing out from other talent rep agencies. They groomed their talent roster to promote professional services from an international selection of creative individuals.

They officially expanded their presence to the West Coast by opening up their Vancouver office on August 1, 2008. With offices in both Toronto and Vancouver, a roster that represents talent in Montreal and an international presence, Judy Inc. is building momentum.

They are able to fulfill specialty talent niches in major markets such as Toronto, Vancouver, New York, LA, Paris and Asia.

It was very exciting for Static Photography to announce last year around this time of Judy Inc. planned expansion over to the West Coast. The most exciting part of this announcement was the Vancouver representation of Kris as one of two location scouts for the talent agency. Kris is able to resource his extensive network of relationships and knowledge of awesome photography locations which makes him an very valuable and insightful location scout.

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Vancouver Arts Summit Presented By Alliance for Arts & Culture & 2010 Legacies Now

Since Vancouver was announced the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics , many initiatives have sprung up around the local arts community to help foster strength and sufficient voice during the time leading up, during and after the Games.

One of this initiatives is called 2010 Legacies Now which promotes a strengthening lifeline to the affluent arts , literacy , sports/recreation and volunteerism in Vancouver for the upcoming 2010 event.

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2009 DOXA Documentary Film Festival and Exposed: Celebrity Camera Auction

Vancouver has some really amazing events that happen yearly. One of them is the DOXA Documentary Film Festival , presented by the Documentary Media Society . Every year the DMS rallies together some of the best independent documentaries of the year from filmmakers all around the world and presents them to a local audience with an impressive curated schedule . The entire festival is juried and has additional elements of artist talks , public forums and special events.

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Headed Back to China to Photograph Business Leaders for "China Influence" Book With Christine Lu

RCS Asia HQ?

So this week has been full of exciting news for Static Photography! We got the confirmation that we are going to Shanghai, China June 11-22 to work on a book called "China Influence" with Christine Lu. We will be shooting portraits of innovative thinkers and business leaders in China and Christine will be writing about them.

The book will be distributed free online that under a Creative Commons license as well as in other traditional formats.

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Mentoring Photographers & Teaching Photography Workshops at the Purple Thistle Youth Collective

Purple Thistle Collective Youngunz

The Purple Thistle is an awesome space designed for and by unschooled youth in Vancouver. Ranging from 11-25 kids from all over come to the Thistle to create art, hold workshops, learn from mentors and discover the social nature of being involved in a collective.

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Creative Class Gets Together at Pecha Kucha Night 5 in Vancouver

Translated as the sound of conversation Pecha Kucha is the optimized vision of creative presentations. At every Pecha Kucha Night around the world, each presenter is allowed 20 images shown at 20 seconds a piece, with a grand total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds for their entire presentation. Having this time limit really keeps presentations down to just the good stuff.

This was the fifth time that Pecha Kucha has happened in Vancouver . Kris Krug was chosen with 11 other presenters to speak on varying topics. Krug's discussion was a visual handbook on open-sharing . He was positioned along side Rex Weyler 's photo presentation from the startup of Greenpeace , Dolly Hopkins ' discussion on her involvement with the Illuminaries Festival , and Shawna Cox 's documentary adventure with the desert races .

The entire night was a direct onslaught of intelligent creative individuals creating art and social change, all within the city limits of Vancouver. The entire sold out theatre was filled with creative individuals. Everyone left feeling very inspired or super intimidated!  
The 6th installment of Pecha Kucha is scheduled for May 21, 2009 at the Park Theatre .