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Austin Cool Kids Gowalla Rock South By Southwest's Much Hyped 'Location War'

sxsw-mobile-social-bike-0802When March rolls around, everyone knows that it is officially Texas time. :)

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The Good, The Bad & The Gold: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is Over!


The month of February has come to an end with the successful completion of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The city of Vancouver transformed into a welcoming stage for the world to enter and athletes to compete in. The days after this extraveganet event may not compare to the weeks before but the memories will blaze brightly ahead.

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Fans, Sports, Flags, Pride, Fun - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is Rockin'

Whistler Sliding Centre - Whistler British ColumbiaThe first week of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is officially over and the excitement is just growing! From all over the world, thousands of people have flooded into Vancouver for the first week of sporting events. The entire downtown area of Vancouver has been transformed into the likes of an Olympic Host City, with flags and Olympic rings everywhere! 

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Citizen Journalism & Social Media Go For Gold At The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

german-house-opening-ceremony-9988Citizen journalism is nothing new to our world of available technology. It has become second nature for people to capture their experience, events or news in their environments on their phones, cameras or computers. We live in a world were journalism is an action and all of citizens have stepped forth into that call to action.

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With Glowing Hearts Canada Welcomes The World to The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

whistler-park-torch-relay-7525Vancouver is filled with energy now that 2010 Winter Olympic Games has officially started. The last week has been filled with the excited fervor of the last month and anticipation of the upcoming weeks. Here is a photographic look into the last week of adventure and celebrations, before the officially opening of the Games in Vancouver.

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British Columbia Prepares for the Opening of the Vancouver and Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics

Speed Skating Lessons in Prince George, BC

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are upon us and things are heating up around Vancouver. You can feel the energy in the city as all the last minute details are pulled together for this huge event. The team at Static Photography has been out and about making photos of all the action and we have pulled together some of our favorites. You can find more Vancouver 2010 photos than you know what to do with here, but for now check out this first week of February in Vancouver with the Winter Olympic Games just around the corner.

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Brooklyn's Elizabeth Streb Brings 'Streb: RAW' Dance Theatre to Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad

 Streb RAW - Cultural Olympiad Vancouver 2010The 2010 Cultural Olympiad  kicked off its 60 days of curated arts, music, and theatre events for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics this past weekend in the city. One of the shows that was brought to Vancouver for the Cultural Olympiad was Elizabeth Streb's dance theater piece titled STREB: RAW. Elizabeth Streb is a performer and choreographer who focuses on human movement that flirts with risk. STREB: RAW is a performance piece that pushes the boundaries of human capabilities and challenges extreme human ability to attain flight.

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Photograph Your Love contest by Specialty Color Services - deadline January 15th!

SierraOur friends at Speciaity Color Services Photo Lab  in Santa Barbara, CA are starting off the new year with their 2nd annual Photo

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You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.

Josli Rockafella

This past year has been a really great experience for Static Photography. In the past twelve months there has been many trips, many photos and many events. Our photographer Kris Krüg and our studio manager Danielle Sipple have travelled all over the world, to Shanghai shooting photos for the book Chinameme Vol. 1 Shanghai, China with Christine Lu, to Austin, TX covering SXSW 2009 , to NYC shooting NYFW 2009, to Copenhagen, Denmark shooting photos during the United Nations Climate Change Conference  and to Camden, ME shooting Pop!Tech 2009 to name just a few. 

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Photo Recap of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

"System Change Not Climate Change" banner - United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15 - Copenhagen, Denmark

It was only a few short weeks ago that the entire world had its eyes and ears glued to the news coming out of the city of Copenhagen. Known extensively for its bike culture and its chocolate, Copenhagen was the home of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference . This conference was a global meeting of international leaders and designated negotiators, gathered to develop a ambitious, fair and binding global contract around carbon emissions. Lasting just under two weeks this conference, coined COP15, was covered by thousands of media and NGO from around the world. We were very excited at Static Photography  to have sent Kris Krüg  to Copenhagen to cover the conference as a UN accredited photographer. 

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference: COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark

We Must Be The Change We Wish To See in The World

Sometimes opportunities arise that are once in a lifetime photographic events. The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen is one of those global events. This conference, named COP15 , is the 15th meeting of international leaders from nations around the world, to discuss global negotiations on climate change and carbon pollution.  Climate change is a global issue with its effects creating devastating damage on communities in varying degrees. This conference, like its 14 predecessors, was initiated to create change by brokered negotiators appointed by various countries but COP15 is particularly special because the entire world has rallied together to in global campaigns to promote the responsibility that COP15 carries.

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TEDx Vancouver Photographic Wrap-Up "Forever Young"

TEDx Vancouver - EA Sports - Burnaby, BCTED took Vancouver by storm when the firt ever TEDx Vancouver was organized and held on Saturday November 21st at EA Video Games in Burnaby. This one day conference was full of speakers, videos of TED talks and musicians that followed the main idea of 'Ideas Worth Spreading'. TED is a series of conferences that are centrally focused on technology, enterainment and design. Held all over the world, TED is often synonymous with inspiring ideas, motivating ancedotes and informational sessions that propel the audience into the future.

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Photo Geeks Take Over Oahu for ReThink Hawaii, Geeks On A Plane, & TED x Honolulu

 Hawaii - Geeks on a Plane

How could Static Photography say no when asked to participate in the first annual ReThink Hawaii conference in stunning Waikiki. Three days full of geeks on a island, discussing topics such as business, technology and sustainability made ReThink: Hawaii the perfect working vacation destination for all of the hard-working participants who attended. Kris Krüg had his camera in hand and a lei around his neck the entire week, all the while capturing the rad events of this awesome conference.

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Radical Portrait Photography - An Interview w/ Darren Rowse

(cross-posted from Kris' personal blog )

Darren Rowse interviewed me this week about taking photos of people - portrait photography specifically - for a new book he has coming out on the topic. Thanks a lot for including me Darren. You do great work and it's an honor to be a part of it! :)

3x3 LO

Here's a rough transcript of the interview:

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Re-Imagining The World Around Us @ PopTech 2009

Alec Ross - Pop!Tech 2009 - Camden, ME

Every year when the leaves are turning those beautiful autumn colors, hundreds of people gather on the New England coast of Camden, ME for the annual Poptech Conference . With three full days (over 9 hours a day!) of intellectual packed lecture series from talented artists, scientists, inventors and change agents from around the world, this conference saturates the participants with new ways of thinking, motivated inspiration and current who's who list of people that are making a global difference. Static Photography had the opportunity to go again this year, to capture the entire event. With camera in hand Kris Krüg was front and center to capture all of the dynamic speakers and talented musicians.

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PopTech 2009 American Re-Imagined -- Day 3 Photographic Recap

Michael Pollan - Pop!Tech 2009 - Camden, ME

Static Photography has been in Camden, ME this past week for the amazing Pop!Tech 2009 Conference. Three full days of sessions with speakers from around the world all talking around the topic of Reimagining American. The third day was just as jam packed with knowledge as the first two days. Kris Krug has had his hands full shooting all the speakers during this busy week. The third day's sessions were divided into four themes: (R)mixed Messages, Edible Futures, Meaningful Engagements and Healthy Desserts.

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PopTech 2009 American Re-Imagined - Day 2 Photographic Recap

John Forte BTS - Pop!Tech 2009 - Camden, ME

It has been an amazing ride for Static Photography out here in Camden, ME for the 2009 PopTech Conference . Day Two was fillled with amazing speakers, amazing musicians and complete with a full fledged ice cream social to end the eventful day. The sessions on Day Two focused around Re:imagining America and speakers were categorized into four themed sections. Those sections were: Mindshifts, Teaching Change, Energy/Form/Motion and Challenging Conversation. Kris Krug has been very busy shooting all these innovative speakers but it's worth it!

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PopTech 2009 America Re-Imagined -- Day 1 Photographic Recap

Reuben Margolin - Pop!tech 2009 - Camden, ME

Static Photography has been at the PopTech Conference in Camden, Maine for a few days now and it has been a photographic whirlwind! Kris Krug has been shooting photos of all the speakers during the sessions of the conference. The best and brightest have been here talking about various topics around the theme of Reimagining America. The day one sessions were split into four sessions: The Reset Moment, American Stories, A Keen Sense and The Invisible Made Visible. Here are some photos of the speakers from day one.

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The World's Best & Brightest Come Together to Discuss Life, the Universve, and Everything!

Amos Lee PopTech Remix by ANPORT!

Autumn has snuck up right around the corner, as well the Pop!Tech conference that happens in Camden, Maine every year. Static Photography has had the opportunity to be to at the event for the last two years with Kris Krüg being the official photographer. With over speakers and musicians from around the world, this event is life-changing and packed with innovative thinkers, world-changing leaders and our change makers of today. We are really excited to be heading back to Camden this year to photograph this amazing event again!

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Photocamp During the [Re]Think: Hawaii Entrepreneurship, Technology, & Sustainability Conference


Static Photography
has had the opportunity to travel to many different conferences for awesome photographic opportunities! Whether it is shooting portraits at Microsoft Tech Days , or giving a photo recap talk at Gnomedex 2009 , or even heading back to Pop!Tech to be their official photographer, Kris Krug is definitely busy at conferences. Come this November Kris will have the awesome opportunity to lead a PhotoCamp at the first annual [Re]Think Hawaii conference .